Caregiving Makes a Difference

Family celebrating holidaysIn our busy days throughout the year, it is very easy to forget or to let time pass by, without appreciating all the things that made your life a little better that put a smile on your face.  The holiday season traditionally helps us pause, observe and reflect. So, we thought it was a perfect occasion to share how caregiving touches lives – small acts of kindness bringing a big impact.

Our clients often give our caregivers the highest praise in their reviews. However, the little note below was different. It was sent directly to a caregiver from one of our clients showing her appreciation. We publish it with their permission:

“Hi, Vickie.  Hope all is well.  Sorry, it took so long to get back with you but “life” has been quite busy after my mom’s passing. (My brother and cousin were diagnosed with terminal cancer & uncle with dementia).   I can not thank you enough for sharing in my mom’s transition. You are truly a blessing to your patients.  I have been thinking about going into caregiving (for my family members) but not sure if I am able to handle such a delicate profession.  You are amazing for what you do.“

We wholeheartedly agree – our caregivers are amazing at making difficult times easy, turning fear and stress into human connection, and making this world better overall.

Sending warm wishes this Holiday Season!

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day - a picture of Lance's dadWe say Happy Father’s Day to all fathers and father figures who helped, inspired and loved us.

We share personal memories of Lance, our President, about his Dad on this occasion.

“…My dad ALWAYS made time for me.  He was a surgeon that had office hours during the day and picked up more shifts at night in the emergency room almost every night.  He slept for what seemed like 4 hours a night.  But he ALWAYS found ways to be there.  I had a baseball game one day, and there he was, in a suit, catching baseballs as I warmed up to pitch in my Little League baseball game.  Or during a snowstorm, our school bus could barely make it to the other high school, let alone any students or fans.  But there he was, in his suit, straight from work, sitting up in the stands by himself, in the middle of an empty gym, eating his bag of popcorn and waiting for the game to begin.”

“…My dad ALWAYS put others first before himself. After he passed away, way too young, at age 58, I heard story after story on how he gave people hope and made them feel so good. I came across a race horse trainer out in the country.  One day he told me “Your dad said the greatest thing to me one time that made me feel 10 feet tall.”  And when I asked what in the world my Dad said to him, he replied: “Well, I told him, you open people up and operate on them and in many cases bring them back to life.  What does it feel like to be able to give them years of life by your hand?  Your dad looked at me and said, “Actually, I always wanted to be a horse trainer all my life. That made me feel 10 feet tall. No one ever said anything like that to me in my life.”‘

“…My dad ALWAYS made time for others and ALWAYS made them feel good about themselves.  He put others ahead of himself ALWAYS. And he was ALWAYS the greatest dad a son could ever hope for.  I miss him. I think of him often 36 years later.”

Welcome to Our New Bloomfield Hills Office!

North Oakland Caregivers new office in Bloomfield MIWe are proud to announce that North Oakland Caregivers has recently opened an additional office located in Bloomfield Hills, MI!

North Oakland Caregivers has been steadily growing all these years, and a big part of our success is our clients spreading kind words about our dedicated home care services and attentive caregivers.

With our services reaching far and wide, we decided we could make it more convenient for the families we have been taking care of in the Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Franklin Village, and surrounding areas to connect with us whenever it might be needed by opening another office in that neighborhood.

Our new additional office makes it very easy for the local families to reach out to us. It is located in the middle of Bloomfield Hills at the corner of Maple and Lahser Roads and provides a comfortable confidential space to discuss their specific needs and personalized home care with the same exceptional level of service we have been known for.

Call our dedicated line for an appointment or to simply start a conversation with questions you have. We will be happy to work with you and advise you about your particular home care situation. We look forward to your call!

Our Commitment: Message From Lance Baylis, President

A heart in a handDear North Oakland Caregivers Clients and Families,

We have been following the recent events of the corona virus very closely.  We have been keeping informed of best practices for our caregivers and clients regarding this virus and sharing them with all our caregivers.  Besides the guidance we are getting through our Michigan Home Health Association, we are also monitoring all national, state and local guidance and updates.  On top of that, we are consulting our Medical Director if there are any other precautions we need to take.

The wellness of our clients and team is our top priority.  We are being very diligent to keep everyone safe and healthy.  We have not had ANY clients or caregivers exhibit ANY symptoms.  We feel good that our care is done in a home with few interactions with other people.  This does not in any way lessen the serious nature of the virus and how we will address these concerns each day.

If a caregiver thinks they are exhibiting any of the symptoms, they will stay home.  Jason or Cheryl will contact you to discuss other options.  All efforts will be made to provide a substitute if that is what the client or family wants.  Keep in mind that there is the chance that no replacement will be available.  Even though this is outlined in our contract, we all need to be more mindful of this possibility in lieu of what is going on and how everyone faces the same challenges simultaneously.

All of our caregivers will continue to be informed of all that we learn as we move forward.  This is a fluid situation that can change daily or weekly.  We will continue to provide the  best and most safe care for all our clients.

We will put our heart and soul into helping our clients just as we have done for 28 years.  We hope conditions improve across our country and state as quickly as possible so we can all resume our normal daily routines.

Thank you for being our loyal clients.


Lance Baylis

Happy Mother’s Day!

Maria Baylis, Founder of North Oakland Caregivers

Maria Baylis, Founder of North Oakland Caregivers, mother of nine

Happy Mother’s Day to all who are mothers and mothers-to-be, to sisters, aunts and grandmothers who gave motherly care to those who were in need of it. Thank you for your nurturing love and support. Thank you for believing in us. We ended up good people because of you. Thank you!