Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

North Oakland Caregivers FAQs

General FAQs


North Oakland Caregivers FAQs


How Do I Start Care with North Oakland Caregivers?


Step 1

Call our main number (248)-625-8484 and tell us that you are interested in our caregiving services. Our Client Services Specialist will speak with you and ask about what you or a loved one may need assistance with. We can then provide an overview of the services that we offer and which make the most sense for your needs.

Step 2

Once you have decided that you would like to move forward, you can either schedule a visit at our main office, conveniently located off of I-75 in Clarkston, MI, or we can visit your home to get familiar with the family member needing help and the surrounding home environment. We will discuss the type of care needed, days preferred, and number of hours needed.

Step 3

Once the assessment is complete, our Coordinator of Care begins the process of finding the right caregiver for the job, a caregiver with the skills, location, and availability needed to ensure a comfortable experience.

Step 4

Next, we will schedule what we call a “meet and greet” – a visit to your loved ones home with the caregiver and any family member that would like to be involved, to give everyone a chance to gain a level of comfort.

Step 5

Once this is completed, we are up and running! A professional member of our care team will begin their first visit on the confirmed date and time scheduled. The first scheduled visit is often coordinated over the phone (assuming the meet and greet goes well) or can be decided after the completion of the meet and greet.

Watch our full video here to understand our onboarding process!


Do You Provide Home Care Services In My Home? In A Senior Living Community? Or During My Hospital Stay?


Our private one-on-one caregiving services are most commonly done in private homes.  However, we can also provide services in a hospital, rehab center, or assisted living.  It is becoming more and more common for people to seek additional care in these temporary care facilities as there is no substitute for one-on-one care.  


Do You Provide Around-The-Clock Care? Temporary Home Care Services? Or Respite Services?


We provide 24/7 care for many families and also any amount of hours between 4 and 24 hours.  We have two different options of 24/7 care depending on what is appropriate for your loved one.

North Oakland Caregivers does provide temporary home care services.  Many people need help after major surgeries or for end of life care.  Sometimes services are only needed for a few weeks.

We provide in-home respite services for those primary caregivers that are taking care of loved ones that need a break.  Caregiver burnout is a real thing.  We can provide relief for families.  This relief can be anywhere from 4 to 24 hours a day.


Can I Reach Someone At North Oakland Caregivers After Hours or On Weekends?


Yes!  North Oakland Caregivers has a representative on-call 24/7.  They will get back with you as soon as they can to help answer any question or concern you may have.


What If I Want To Change My Schedule?


If your current schedule no longer matches your needs, please give us a call and we will adjust your schedule to assure the best fit.


What If My Caregiver Is Not The Right Fit? What Do I Do?


If you think a caregiver is not the best fit, you can simply call our office at 248-625-8484 and your personalized scheduler will make sure to find you another caregiver.  We can usually do this extremely quickly.  We want all our clients to be happy.  To ensure this, both client and caregiver have to be a great fit for each other.


Are Your Services Covered By Long Term Care Insurance?


Yes!  In-home care services are covered by LTC Insurance.  In-home care services also go by the names private duty home care, custodial home care, non-skilled home care, etc.  


Does North Oakland Caregivers Submit Invoices To My LTC Provider On My Behalf?


Yes!  At the beginning of every month, North Oakland Caregivers will submit all necessary invoices and care notes to your LTC Provider to ensure timely reimbursement for care.  This allows the client/family member to relax and let us do all the submitting for you.


General Home Care FAQs


What Is Home Care? Is It The Same As Home Health?


Home caregiving refers to the provision of personalized care and assistance to individuals who require support with their daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation, medication management, and companionship, within the comfort of their own homes. It is a service typically provided by trained caregivers to ensure the well-being and comfort of individuals who may be elderly, disabled, or recovering from an illness or surgery.

Home caregiving primarily focuses on non-medical tasks and enhancing the quality of life for the individual, home health, on the other hand, involves medical care provided by licensed healthcare professionals, such as nurses or therapists. Home health services include skilled nursing care, administering medications, wound care, physical therapy, and other medical treatments.

While both home caregiving and home health involve caring for individuals in their own homes, they differ in terms of the type of care provided, with home caregiving being more focused on personal assistance and home health encompassing medical services.



What Does A Caregiver Do?


A home caregiver performs a variety of tasks and responsibilities to ensure the well-being and comfort of individuals in need of assistance within their own homes. Some of the typical duties of a home caregiver include:

Personal Care

Assisting with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, grooming, dressing, and toileting.

Medication Management

Ensuring medications are taken at the prescribed times and in the correct dosages.

Meal Preparation

Planning and preparing nutritious meals based on dietary needs and preferences.

Mobility Support

Assisting with mobility, transfers, and providing physical support as needed.


Engaging in social interactions, conversation, and providing emotional support.

Household Chores

Performing light housekeeping tasks, such as cleaning, laundry, and organizing.


Assisting with transportation to appointments, errands, or social activities.

Monitoring and Reporting

Observing and reporting any changes in health or behavior to appropriate family members or healthcare professionals.

Respite Care

Providing temporary relief to family caregivers by taking over their responsibilities for a specified period.


Maintaining records and documenting activities, observations, and any notable incidents.

The specific responsibilities of a home caregiver may vary depending on the individual’s needs, the care plan established, and any specialized training or certifications they may have.



Who Would Benefit From Home Care Services?


Home care services can benefit a wide range of individuals who require assistance with their daily activities or specialized care within the comfort of their own homes. Some of the people who would benefit from home care services include:

Elderly Individuals

Aging adults who may have difficulty with mobility, chronic illnesses, or cognitive impairments can benefit from home care services. Caregivers can assist with personal care, medication management, meal preparation, and provide companionship to enhance their quality of life.

Individuals with Disabilities

People with physical or developmental disabilities can greatly benefit from home care services. Caregivers can help with mobility support, assistive devices, specialized care routines, and ensure a safe and comfortable environment tailored to their unique needs

Individuals Recovering from Illness or Surgery

Those recuperating from an illness, surgery, or medical procedure often require assistance during the recovery period. Home care services can provide support with medication management, wound care, rehabilitation exercises, and monitoring overall health and progress.

Individuals with Chronic Conditions

Individuals with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, or respiratory disorders can benefit from home care services. Caregivers can help with medication reminders, symptom management, lifestyle adjustments, and provide ongoing support to manage their condition effectively.

Family Caregivers

Home care services can also benefit family caregivers who may be experiencing burnout or require temporary relief from their caregiving responsibilities. By entrusting the care of their loved ones to professional caregivers, family caregivers can take a break, tend to their own needs, and prevent caregiver fatigue.

Individuals in Need of Companionship

Loneliness and social isolation can negatively impact mental and emotional well-being. Home care services provide companionship and social interaction, enhancing the overall quality of life for individuals who may be living alone or lacking regular social connections.

Overall, home care services offer personalized support and assistance to individuals who require help with daily activities or specialized care, promoting independence, comfort, and an improved quality of life within the familiar surroundings of their own homes.


Can You Only Receive Care In A Private Residence?


No. While it is most common to provide services in a private residence, more and more families are seeking our one-on-one caregiver services in a hospital, rehab facility, and assisted living.  There is no substitute for one-on-one care and there are many situations where someone needs someone with them at all times to attend to their needs and to greatly reduce potential falls or accidents while recovering.


How Will I Know How Much Care I Will Need?


If you are unsure how much care will be needed, our coordinator of care will be able to speak with you over the phone and give an expert opinion.  We are available to come to the home or meet in our office to discuss options as well.  We are extremely flexible as we navigate this journey together.  Hours can increase or decrease at any time depending on the level of care needed.  We will adjust with you as things change and adapt to your needs.

How to Choose the Right Home Care

Senior couple making home care choicesChoosing a home care company for your loved ones can be stressful. How to find the “right” people? Who to turn to for a recommendation?

There might be many approaches to the search but we recently came across the one we really liked, and we decided to share it with you.

It all started with one of us looking for a provider from a completely different industry for their personal needs.  They come across an expert rating of such providers in their location, and the system of rating made a lot of sense to them. It was simple, factual, and credible because anyone could use the same criteria and arrive at the same results.

They used only two main criteria – Reputation and Experience because both of them can be easily researched by anyone. Reputation is based on customer reviews – many delighted customers and outstanding service lead to 5-star ratings. And the more people shaped that rating, the more reliable it is. Experience identifies masters of their trade based on years of being in business. After all, if you stay around for a long time, you must be doing something right!

You can apply this approach to any of your searches for the right provider. But, of course, our first thought was to check how it applies to the North Oakland Caregivers. And we passed this test with flying colors!

    • We are proud to have 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook, and our website. We consider this our best recommendation as the words of appreciation are coming directly from our clients’ experience.
    • These outstanding reviews are testimony to our human touch that comes from our hearts, not our duties. We know all our clients personally, we call them to just ask how they are doing, and we stop by when we can. We like it when it feels like a family.
    • 30 years of home care experience means we have withstood the test of time and are not going anywhere
    • It also means we have gathered great expertise in the field of home care and in the understanding of what seniors and their families look for

So, there you have it. Now you’ve got an approach to assess any provider you are considering hiring, and in case you are looking for a caregiving company, you might want to include North Oakland Caregivers in your shortlist since we pass the test by the above criteria and more. So, we hope you give us a call, and we could discuss your family’s specific needs, and how we can help and be the “right” home care provider for your loved ones.

Selecting a Home Care Agency? – Use This 5 Factor Checklist

Pros and Cons ChecklistThere comes a time when your mom, dad, or another loved one will need help with their daily lives. And hiring help to care for them at home is one of the best options for them and you for many reasons. Whether your family has already decided to go down this path or you are just researching your options, one of the most important questions that come to mind is how to select the right home care agency for your loved ones.

Let us share with you our recommendation based on almost 30 years of experience. This practical and straightforward checklist includes 5 factors you should focus your research on. It will help you ask the right questions and form a very informed opinion on your home care agency of choice:

  • Look for companies that have been in business for a longer period of time and at the same location.  This shows stability and most likely a favorable reputation.  Equally important is how long the management team has been in place.  Years of experience speak volumes regarding satisfied customers.

Example – Why North Oakland Caregivers agency might qualify: Our company has been providing home care for almost 30 years since 1992, and it’s still run by the original family of founders, from the original location.

  • Reviews can reveal the true reputation of the company among clients. The company website is an obvious place to go to first but make sure you also check Google and Facebook as the next best places to find such information. Besides the ratings look for details of the reviews which might show if their relationship with the company was personable and warm or simply matter-of-fact.

Example – Why North Oakland Caregivers agency might qualify: We are honored and humbled by the trust our clients put in us by giving our services their highest ratings over and over again.

  • The planning stage of setting up your home care services is the critical part of the process, and you should look for whether the company makes all the necessary steps to ensure success? For example, does it include the client or their family members in developing the plan of care? Do they explain clearly all available options and recommend a scenario, including its financial aspect, that would fit your particular situation? Do they take into consideration the compatibility of the client and their caregiver?

Example – Why North Oakland Caregivers agency might qualify: All our clients are offered a free consultation over the phone or in person. Then our team will involve you in the planning discussion which will result in a meet and greet package handover, with each detail documented and agreed on.

  • Some companies have a one size fits all plan or a few choices. Try to find the company that will match your exact needs with a customizable plan.
  • And while it is a good idea to have a plan of care in place for the client and caregivers for the first two weeks, it is also good to know that plan can be flexible enough to accommodate the “ebbs and flows” of a very fluid care process.

Example – Why North Oakland Caregivers agency might qualify: We are known for offering help in situations where little help could be found via a cookie-cutter approach. We stand by our clients and adapt our care program as their needs change.

  • It’s important to understand how reliable the caregiver services are going to be. For example, is the company insured?  Is the client protected in their own home? Are all of the personal belongings protected in the home? Is there a backup plan if a caregiver calls in sick?
  • Finally, when it is all said and done, look for a “team” of people that genuinely care for your loved one, just as your own team of family members does. You can tell when you talk to them.

Example – Why North Oakland Caregivers agency might qualify: From the technical point of view, all our caregivers are screened and our company is fully insured to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your loved ones. What is equally important is we have a team of people who are fully committed to serving each family as their own.

When you search for a home care agency using this guide, consider giving us a call, too. It would be a pleasure to speak with you regarding your situation and see if we can be the right fit for you.

3 Advantages of Home Care in Times of Pandemic

A caregiver and a senior woman image for the article "Advantages of home care services for seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic"We have been living through devastating events brought by the COVID-19 pandemic for a year now. It disrupted the flow of our ordinary lives, but it also taught us valuable lessons. Here we share 3 lessons we learned at North Oakland Caregivers, and they showcased the advantages of our home care services for our clients during the pandemic.

I.  A dedicated caregiver provided required support while limiting the risk of COVID-19 exposure. Having one caregiver in the home to help with the client’s needs combined the best of both worlds – it limited the client’s exposure to potential virus carriers and made sure the client received the help they needed. It goes without saying that all our caregivers were following daily protocol to keep everyone safe.

II. Social interaction with a trusted caregiver helped relieve the pandemic side effects of anxiety and isolation. In an environment of social distancing limited social contact provided a safe haven for our senior and immune-compromised clients.  However, isolation, loneliness, and anxiety were a cause of concern and a potential situation for both physical and mental decline for many of them. Looking forward to their caregiver on a scheduled, weekly basis brought great relief to our clients in those times. It was their time for a much-needed social interaction, an opportunity to distract themselves from grim news in the media and enjoy some smiles and positive energy. Besides the immediate benefits described here, simple social interaction is known to be the most important factor of longevity as we wrote in our blog earlier.

III. Our caregivers helped fill in where family primary caregivers could not manage their pandemic-driven workload of working from home and looking after their children. Families providing care for their elderly family members were all of a sudden finding new demands on their time. Many experienced added responsibilities with children at home with virtual schooling and many were working more hours from home in their professional careers. We received many inquiries for help to relieve the family caregiver because of these increased demands on their time, and our schedulers made sure the transition of care from a family member to our caregivers was done quickly and efficiently. It was the ultimate example of our motto – providing relief and bringing peace of mind to the family that their loved one had someone to take care of them.

These are just three out of many advantages of home care we witnessed during the pandemic.  Let us know how our home care services can help you and your loved ones in similar situations – or in situations different from what we described but still created by the pressures of the pandemic – we’d love to help and we are just a phone call away!

3 Reasons to Choose Home Care for Your Loved Ones

A senior woman and a female caregiver in each other's companyAs our mom and dad age, living on their own becomes increasingly difficult. Yet, they might be doing anything they can to stay independent, even if it means letting go of the quality of life they are used to.

Their motivation is understandable – they probably do not want to become a “burden” for the family and have the family members facing pressure of finding time in their busy schedules to become their caregivers. Or – if the family support system is far away – they simply want to avoid having to go to a nursing home as this would mean a disruption of their lives they are so used to.

With home care services the stress for both the aging parents and the rest of the family can be avoided. The home care option might be the best solution for your seniors for many reasons. Here we will highlight the main three.


Why important: Staying at their own home is a sign to our seniors that they are still independent and doing well. Once they lose that, they are likely to lose this mental reassurance as well and feeling defeated might lead to prematurely feeling frail. Additionally, in the times of the pandemic and concerning news about nursing homes’ higher rates of COVID-19, it’s advisable to look at other options.

How can home care help: With a caregiver around, your mom or dad can stay in the comfort and familiarity of their own home safely, both with regards to their positive mental outlook and avoidance of unnecessary exposure to the virus in big groups. It goes without saying that our caregivers have to pass all the required health and safety procedures daily.


Why important: We all want to be treated the way we deserve. Without a dedicated caregiver it’s hard to juggle other responsibilities that a family member or a long-term care facility staff might have.

How can home care help: A dedicated caregiver’s level of care is the best – their client is their one and only responsibility. So, your mom or dad will be getting a reliable quality service every time that is immediate and fully focused on their needs. And the family will have peace of mind that their loved ones are taken care of.


Why important: Daily social interaction has been proven the key to longevity. So, even though feeling lonely might seem intangible, it needs to be taken as seriously as any medical diagnosis at an older age.

How can home care help: A one-on-one interaction with a dedicated caregiver is one of the key reasons home care is becoming so popular. The senior and the caregiver develop a bond that provides a variety of positive emotions, from a simple pleasure of human interaction to joy and anticipation of seeing the other person to do things together, things that your mom or dad would not do on their own.

We think these three reasons of why home care might be the best option for seniors in your life are good food for thought for the families that are still looking into different options. If you are one of them, please give us a call, and we will be happy to share with you how it might work for your loved ones.

What to Do If Your Elderly Parents Need Care but Want to Stay at Home?

Smiling caregiverMany of us with elderly parents know how fiercely they protect their ability to live independently, even if their health is declining. According to a research report by the National Conference of State Legislatures and the AARP Public Policy Institute, up to 90% of people over age 65 want to stay living in their home as long as it is possible.

Families support this desire of their elderly loved ones.  Staying in their home and feeling connected to their community helps them maintain a positive outlook and live longer. But at some point it becomes challenging for the family members to support the growing needs of their aging loved ones. And everyone dreads the discussion of a nursing home or assistant living facility. After all, it often implies an emotionally heavy time period and a sense of loss on the part of the aging parents. It’s something that one can never fully adjust to.

Many families do not know that this can be avoided and that they have a better option in their arsenal – a 24/7 home care assistance where 1 or 2 caregivers would support the elderly parent still in the familiarity of their home. This option removes the unnecessary stress of changing the environment for the parents and, on top of that, gives them a better one-on-one care than many facilities can provide.

We at the North Oakland Caregivers see how the 24/7 home care option becomes a welcome choice for many families who have not even thought of it at the beginning. We see how our elderly clients bond with the caregivers and their families gain peace of mind that their parents will be taken care of around the clock. We have given this kind of experience to many of our clients and we are happy to help your family too. Call us to start the conversation. We are happy to answer any of your questions to help you explore your options!