Planning to Age in Place: Embracing Comfort at Home

As we journey through life, it’s only natural to desire a sense of familiarity and security in our surroundings. This sentiment is particularly strong when it comes to aging gracefully. The concept of “aging in place” has gained popularity in recent years, emphasizing the importance of maintaining independence and staying in the comfort of our own homes as we grow older. Let’s explore how to plan for aging in place, the support systems for a successful plan, common concerns, and how to begin.


Planning to Age in Place


Our needs are constantly changing, so planning ahead to age in place can often be difficult. In our experience, we have noticed that there are common first considerations when beginning a plan. The first step in planning to age in place involves a thorough evaluation of your current living situation and future needs. Consider the following factors:


Home Assessment


Assess your home’s suitability for aging in place. Examine factors such as accessibility, safety modifications, and potential barriers. Evaluate doorways, staircases, bathroom layouts, and other areas that may require adjustments to accommodate changing mobility.


Lifestyle Considerations


Reflect on your lifestyle and preferences. Are you willing to downsize or modify your home to make it more manageable? Think about potential changes in healthcare needs, social support, and proximity to essential services.


Financial Planning


Review your financial situation and determine the resources available to support your aging-in-place plan. Consider healthcare costs, potential modifications to your home, and long-term care insurance options.


What Support Can Help Me Age At Home?


Aging in place is a hard thing to do alone. As you age, your ability to complete daily routines changes. It’s natural to need help doing some of the tasks you used to be able to do alone. With caregiving, you can receive a range of support services to help you comfortably age in place. Some of the services include:


Personal Care


  • Bath/Shower
  • Skin Care/Lotion Massage
  • Shave
  • Shampoo
  • Oral Hygiene/Assist


Household Chores


  • General Housekeeping
  • General Laundry
  • Linen Changes


General Wellbeing


  • Meal Preparation
  • Feed Client/Assist
  • Hydration
  • Temperature
  • Blood Pressure
  • Medication Reminder


Mental Stimulation


  • Games
  • Cards
  • Puzzles
  • Word Search




  • Doctor’s Appointments
  • Hairdresser Appointments
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Senior Citizen Centers
  • Movie
  • Church


Common Concerns About Aging In Place


Despite the benefits, there are common concerns associated with aging in place. Addressing these concerns will help you develop a comprehensive plan:




Home safety is a top priority. Implement modifications such as installing handrails, grab bars, non-slip flooring, and adequate lighting. Consider technology solutions like emergency call systems or medical alert devices.


Social Isolation


Isolation and loneliness can become prevalent as we age. Plan for social engagement by participating in community activities, joining clubs or interest groups, maintaining connections with friends and family, and having a caregiver who can fulfill your companionship needs.


Healthcare Accessibility


Have you ever worried about not being able to get transportation to your next doctor’s appointment? Or to pick up your prescription? With caregiving services, your caregiver unlocks accessibility to important healthcare appointments, and other destinations on your to-do list.


Start Your Plan To Age In Place


Understanding your needs is critical in enabling us to help you achieve your plan to age in place. Give us a call at (248)-625-8484 and learn more about how we can help you comfortably age in place with the help of our caregiving services!

Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds

A smiling senior man with a tabletWe feel compelled to share with you an uplifting video interview with three British centenarians that we came across. The names of the interviewees are Clifford Crozier, born in 1915, Emilia Tereza Harper, born in 1913, and John Millington Denerly, born in 1914. These endearing 2 gentlemen and a lady give us a glimpse into their lives and share their life lessons. Even though the entire interview is filled with love for life and can be an inspiration to all of us as a whole, we highlighted just a few of our favorite moments below:


Their resilient mindset deserves admiration. This idea of keeping going would be a great recipe for a long happy life on its own! – All kinds of things happen around you and to you, but you persevere. That’s how, in their own words:

– “You keep going. A 101 is only a number, and you live for the day.” Cliff Crozier

– “Keep right on to the end of the road. – …I stay put!” John Millington Denerly


We could not help but notice a feeling of positivity permeating their entire being. These seniors knew how to make themselves happy with simple things like humor, optimism, and …shopping! Here is how they talked about it:

– “Everything makes me happy. I like talking to people, I like doing things, I like going out shopping. Once I go out shopping, I don’t want to come back.” Emilia Tereza Harper

– “I’ve got beautiful memories. I can live happily forever after because of my lovely memories.” Emilia Tereza Harper

– “I am always optimistic…” John Millington Denerly

– And how about a healthy shot of humor about the impact of their long life on the government? – “It always pleases me though that I can keep robbing the government with my pension.” Clifford Crozier


Finally, they were giving us an impression of people who were not frozen in time. All three show great mental flexibility:

– “Life goes on. You get healed (but you never forget)”, – shares Tereza who was devastated by the loss of her twins

– “You’ve got to keep up with the times. So, what was good 80-90 years ago, doesn’t work these days”, says John, who received an iPad as a gift and uses it actively.

– And Cliff points out something we believe and support the most due to the nature of our home care company: “Be as independent as you can but don’t be reluctant to ask for help when you think you need it.”


What were your favorite moments?

Our Commitment: Message From Lance Baylis, President

A heart in a handDear North Oakland Caregivers Clients and Families,

We have been following the recent events of the corona virus very closely.  We have been keeping informed of best practices for our caregivers and clients regarding this virus and sharing them with all our caregivers.  Besides the guidance we are getting through our Michigan Home Health Association, we are also monitoring all national, state and local guidance and updates.  On top of that, we are consulting our Medical Director if there are any other precautions we need to take.

The wellness of our clients and team is our top priority.  We are being very diligent to keep everyone safe and healthy.  We have not had ANY clients or caregivers exhibit ANY symptoms.  We feel good that our care is done in a home with few interactions with other people.  This does not in any way lessen the serious nature of the virus and how we will address these concerns each day.

If a caregiver thinks they are exhibiting any of the symptoms, they will stay home.  Jason or Cheryl will contact you to discuss other options.  All efforts will be made to provide a substitute if that is what the client or family wants.  Keep in mind that there is the chance that no replacement will be available.  Even though this is outlined in our contract, we all need to be more mindful of this possibility in lieu of what is going on and how everyone faces the same challenges simultaneously.

All of our caregivers will continue to be informed of all that we learn as we move forward.  This is a fluid situation that can change daily or weekly.  We will continue to provide the  best and most safe care for all our clients.

We will put our heart and soul into helping our clients just as we have done for 28 years.  We hope conditions improve across our country and state as quickly as possible so we can all resume our normal daily routines.

Thank you for being our loyal clients.


Lance Baylis