Happy Father's Day - a picture of Lance's dadWe say Happy Father’s Day to all fathers and father figures who helped, inspired and loved us.

We share personal memories of Lance, our President, about his Dad on this occasion.

“…My dad ALWAYS made time for me.  He was a surgeon that had office hours during the day and picked up more shifts at night in the emergency room almost every night.  He slept for what seemed like 4 hours a night.  But he ALWAYS found ways to be there.  I had a baseball game one day, and there he was, in a suit, catching baseballs as I warmed up to pitch in my Little League baseball game.  Or during a snowstorm, our school bus could barely make it to the other high school, let alone any students or fans.  But there he was, in his suit, straight from work, sitting up in the stands by himself, in the middle of an empty gym, eating his bag of popcorn and waiting for the game to begin.”

“…My dad ALWAYS put others first before himself. After he passed away, way too young, at age 58, I heard story after story on how he gave people hope and made them feel so good. I came across a race horse trainer out in the country.  One day he told me “Your dad said the greatest thing to me one time that made me feel 10 feet tall.”  And when I asked what in the world my Dad said to him, he replied: “Well, I told him, you open people up and operate on them and in many cases bring them back to life.  What does it feel like to be able to give them years of life by your hand?  Your dad looked at me and said, “Actually, I always wanted to be a horse trainer all my life. That made me feel 10 feet tall. No one ever said anything like that to me in my life.”‘

“…My dad ALWAYS made time for others and ALWAYS made them feel good about themselves.  He put others ahead of himself ALWAYS. And he was ALWAYS the greatest dad a son could ever hope for.  I miss him. I think of him often 36 years later.”