3 Reasons Why Our Clients Choose Us For Home Care

Senior men and women smilingWhen it comes to the decision of starting a home care support for your loved ones, people want to be sure they choose the right provider.

What defines the “right” provider might be slightly different for different families. Businesses are not created equal, even in the same sphere of home care services, every business tries to stand for something they do best. We at North Oakland Caregivers have our own set of strengths. They are not generated by our staff, they are called out by our clients. They are what our clients noticed and valued when they were looking for the “right” home care for their families.

So, how did they search, and what made them choose us? We asked that question to our customers in order to understand what stood out for them in our business, what they found most persuasive in our profile. And their answers were consistent, they kept giving us three key reasons:

  1. Our experience of 25+ years makes us experts
  • 25+ years of home care experience means we have withstood the test of time and are not going anywhere
  • It also means we have gathered great expertise in the field of home care and in understanding of what seniors and their families look for
  1. We are a local business connected to our community
  • We grew up in this area, know and understand the local community and use our knowledge for the benefit of our clients. For example, if bad weather is coming, we know and plan ahead.
  • We offer a face-to-face communication. In the age of virtual offices,phone calls might be perceived as too generic and anonymous. It’s reassuring for our clients that they can come to our office and discuss their situation in a much more personable environment.
  1. We have amazing 5-star reviews
  • We are proud to have 5-star reviews in Google, Facebook and our website. We consider this our best recommendation as the words of appreciation are coming directly from our clients’ experience.
  • These outstanding reviews are testimony to our human touch that comes from our hearts, not our duties. We know all our clients personally, we call them to just ask how they are doing, we stop by when we can. We like it when it feels like a family.

These three reasons are our strengths we are proud of. Something that our clients experienced and appreciated to trust us with their families. It’s a reputation we’ve built, and now are working hard to maintain and improve.  Will you trust us with your loved ones? We hope to be the “right” home care provider for you, too.

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day from North Oakland Caregivers

It’s not flesh and blood but the HEART which makes us FATHERS and SONS.  – Johann Schiller

Happy Father’s day to all the fathers. We look up to them when little, we find our paths in life guided by their support when we grow up. Then, in a circle of life we give them our care and support when they grow old. Happy Father’s Day to that special person in our lives, young or mature, strong or frail, someone who is caring for us or needs us to care for him. We are grateful for your love, strength, wisdom and patience.

North Oakland Caregivers Celebrates National Senior Health and Fitness Day

North Oakland Caregivers celebrates National Senior Health and Fitness Day

We at North Oakland Caregivers are taking an early opportunity to recognize our clients this month as we honor  National Senior Health and Fitness Day. Of course, health and well-being of our seniors is the focus of our efforts every day because this is what we do. However, we would like to pause and make this month special for our seniors.

We encourage all our senior home care clients to be as active as possible. Just a simple walk in a park a couple of times a week can be beneficial for one’s health. And when that’s just not possible, maybe bringing  flowers to our clients will bring a smile to their face and help their feeling of well-being.

In the picture: North Oakland Caregivers President Lance Baylis with a client

Home Care Born Out Of Family Values

Maria Baylis founder of North Oakland Caregivers home careNorth Oakland Caregivers, Inc. was truly born out of a family’s values, knowledge and desire to help other families with a growing and very important need.  And it all began 25 years ago.

But first, even earlier, in 1982, in Clarkston, Michigan, Maria Baylis and her son Lance Baylis founded North Oakland Home Health Care, Inc., a Medicare Certified home health care agency providing nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy and other skilled medical services to homebound patients. Started as a family business, it became a highly professional provider of medical services certified and recognized by Medicare, BCBSM, the State of Michigan, etc. and was named one of the “Top 100” home health care agencies in the country.

10 years later, in 1992, in an effort to help those patients that needed additional help beyond what Medicare or their health insurances covered in the home, Maria Baylis founded North Oakland Caregivers, Inc.

North Oakland Caregivers (NOC) is a private-duty, home care service that provides everyday relief caring for a senior family member or helps people who recover from an emergency or a major surgery in the comfort of their home. Examples of the type of help provided include homemaking/companion services, personal care/bathing, light housekeeping/laundry, shopping/cooking, mental stimulation/games, transportation/appointments and many others.

Maria Baylis combined her hard-working family values with a vision of providing warm, kind and compassionate care to offer peace of mind and a personal approach for every family she helped.  And today North Oakland Caregivers, Inc. follows the same core family values and compassionate care philosophy that has stood the test of time and won over many satisfied clients.