Clients' reviews of North Oakland Caregivers in a word cloudOur clients have been generous with sharing their opinions about North Oakland Caregivers’ services, and we have felt grateful for that. After all, clients’ reviews have been our best recommendation for years!

This time, however, we got curious about specifics. What do our clients’ reviews have in common and what do they highlight the most? To find this out, we put all of our clients’ reviews in a word cloud program and the result was striking! If you remember how word clouds work, they make the words used most frequently bigger, so that they stand out more. And these were the top three words we saw:


This word stands for what we do – we take care of our clients’ daily needs. However, it also reflects how we do it – with care. And, while “CARE” as the most used word in our clients’ reviews was rewarding by itself, it got even better. We noticed that the top descriptions paired with it were “WONDERFUL”, “PROFESSIONAL”, and “COMPASSIONATE”. And we think it speaks volumes about the quality of service we and our caregivers provide!


Speaking about the quality of service, we also noticed people mentioned “JASON” quite a bit. What a glowing endorsement of the dedication that our Vice-President, Jason Lambart, puts into his daily interactions with clients! Together with his team, he makes sure any clients’ issues are addressed immediately, and new clients receive individualized advice and a support program proposal. Jason’s level of commitment and reliability provide the reassurance our clients seek as they trust us with the well-being of their loved ones.


The next words people used most often in their reviews were “CAREGIVER” and “RECOMMEND”. These are two words, not one, but we mentioned them together for a couple of reasons. First, the same size of these words suggests that clients used them with similar frequency, so, they share our third position for this reason. Second, both the company and the caregivers serve our clients’ interests to the best of their ability, and it looks like our clients notice and recommend both, the company and their caregivers.

We feel grateful and humbled by this show of consistent appreciation ❤ 

And if you came here looking for clients’ reviews, we hope you feel reassured. If so, please give us a call and see for yourself whether our “CARE” that worked for many of our clients can work for your family, too!